Who is Neena Pacholke:  A famous Wisconsin commentator ended her own life . subsequent to sending messages to a companion and her ex, uncovering the aggravation she was going through just before she shot herself.

27-year-old Neena Pacholke committed suicide in Wausau, WI last month  in the home she and her ex, Kyle Haase, bought together back in July.

Who is Neena Pacholke: As per the police report, got by TMZ, cops were dispatched to their home in the wake of getting a call from a companion to do a government assistance check guaranteeing Neena was “offering self-destructive remarks by means of instant message.”

Her text read, “He [Kyle] let me know he despises me and will feel beyond good once I’m out of his life.”

Who is Neena Pacholke: She likewise sent a last message to Kyle who severed things with Neena only 7 weeks before their wedding  saying, “Please accept my apologies to do this to you yet I can’t deal with any of this aggravation any longer.”

Who is Neena Pacholke: Police showed up at her home, heard a commotion, trailed by the sound of something falling. When they entered, Neena had proactively shot herself in the head with a handgun. Cops found a receipt showing she purchased the weapon an hour and a half prior to committing suicide.

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