Is George Lopez Dead: Fresh insight about jokester George Lopez’s passing spread rapidly recently causing worry among fans across the world. Anyway the September 2022 report has now been affirmed as a total fabrication and the very most recent in a line of phony VIP passing reports.

Bits of gossip about the entertainer’s supposed end got forward momentum on Thursday after a ‘R.I.P. George Lopez’ Facebook page pulled in almost 1,000,000 of ‘likes’. The individuals who read the ‘About’ page were given a convincing record of the American comic’s passing:

Is George Lopez Dead: Many fans quickly began composing their messages of sympathy on the Facebook page, communicating their trouble that the capable 61-year-old joke artist, entertainer and TV have was dead. Also, to no one’s surprise, Twittersphere was excited over the passing fabrication.

Is George Lopez Dead: Where as a few believing fans accepted the post, others were quickly suspicious of the report, maybe gaining their illustration from the tremendous measure of phony passing reports arising about superstars over ongoing months.

Some brought up that the news had not been continued any significant American organization, demonstrating that it was a phony report, as the passing of an entertainer of George Lopez’s height would be significant information across networks.

Is George Lopez Dead: A new survey led for the Big name Post shows that a greater part (75%) of respondents think those George Lopez passing tales are not interesting any longer.

On Friday (September 30) the humorist’s reps authoritatively affirmed that George Lopez isn’t dead. “He joins the extensive rundown of superstars who have been defrauded by this deception. He’s as yet fit as a fiddle, quit accepting what you see on the Web,” they said.

Is George Lopez Dead: A few fans have communicated outrage at the phony report saying it was careless, upsetting and destructive to enthusiasts of the much cherished humorist. Others say this shows his outrageous prominence across the globe.

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