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An extraordinary companion, coach, mentor, father, veterinarian, was taken from us way too early. Scott Morey is one of those individuals that you meet and you will always remember. A delicate enormous person with the most caring and most lenient character.

Scott Morey Stafford Obituary : I initially met him working expedites quite a while back once he was out of school and simply beginning to work independently. I recollect my most memorable shift with him and we had two call outs and it was simply him and I and a pummeled trama center that evening. He came in strolling in with his kiddie aprons on and said who do we have this evening and I said it’s me and you buddy, and he said “Alright, welp let’s get it done.

Him and I both genuinely huge men working with canines and felines I’ll continuously recall the small cat coming in for hypoglycemia and Scott with his enormous hands, sling a catheter into this minuscule youngster. I’m certain from a distance it looked very engaging having him and I work on this little man.

Scott Morey Stafford Obituary : I will miss Scott. He was dependably there any time I called and helped me and my companions that required his bringing around midnight. My heart hurts for his family, spouse and kids. As a dad myself, I can’t envision the aggravation and sorrow everybody is feeling now. Breathe a sigh of relief Scott, see you on the opposite side.

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