Matthew Alejandro Virginia obituary: Master Sgt. Matthew Alejandro was cleared out with Coronavirus, something that isn’t seen in the United States commonly. The virus didn’t affect his health much outside of minor sensory changes, but he was still dealing with a rare and problematic virus.

Matthew Alejandro Virginia obituary: However, that ended up being the most irrelevant part of his interests. Just days before on walk 14, Alejandro a 844th Exchanges Unit boss traveled to Colorado Springs to complete advanced network errands for the Secretary of Shield, who was supposed to be there on obvious business.

Matthew Alejandro Virginia obituary: The day after he was tested when the Pentagon stopped updating important models, Alejandro’s trip was cut short. America had fallen victim to a pandemic known as Covid and this left it to other countries to be better o innovate and make new innovations. The day his family had hoped for something better, turned into the news they dreaded.

One van was seen at the air terminal to pick Alejandro, his three accomplices and their stuff up. They drove back to their office at Joint Base Andrews. His father told him about swimming through an infection during the drive.

Matthew Alejandro Virginia obituary: “I had been to several airport and sat on the plane for a long time,” Alex said. “So I was more worried about him than myself.” As Alejandro and his partner, Aimu, were solidifying their work and transportation plans at Post Belvoir in Virginia, Alejandro’s father found out just a short time later that he they attempted positive on Covid. Alejandro’s anxiety for the strength of his family member, partner, child, and unborn child was already heightened.

[Alejandro had lost his sense of taste, and then his sense of smell] It was the “harbinger of what was to come.” He spent hours reading about Coronavirus secondary effects, before he contacted a local hospital urging line.


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