How to speed up a slow computer

No doubt there are many reasons for a slow computer. Maybe you have opened too many programs once or you don’t have enough space on your hard drive to save new files. In some cases, we have seen a virus infection can also cause the computer to run too slowly.

Whatever the reason, there are some ways to speed up your old PC. But before this you have to identify the root cause of the problem. Because once you know what’s causing your pc to run slowly, you can take just a few steps to fix it.

Here are four tips for speeding up a slow PC.

1. Close unused programs and windows

If you have a lot of programs open, your computer has to work harder to switch between them. This is one of the main reasons for a slow computer. So, the first step to speed up your pc is to close any programs or windows that you’re not using. You can also close tabs in your web browser that you’re not using.

2. Run a virus scan

As we mentioned above that if your computer is running slowly, it could be because of a virus infection. To fix this, you’ll need to run a virus scan. You can

There are a few different ways to do this, but we recommend using Microsoft Safety Scanner. It’s a free tool that can scan your computer for viruses and remove them. However, it is up to you which one you download because there are a lot of free virus scanners available online.

3. Delete temporary files

When you use programs on your computer and didn’t close them, they create temporary files. The good practice is to delete these files when you’re done using the program. However, sometimes they don’t get deleted and they can start to take up space on your hard drive. This can slow down your computer.

To delete temporary files:

  • Click the Start button, then type “%temp%” in the search box.
  • Press Enter on your keyboard. This will open the Temp folder.
  • Select all of the files in the Temp folder, then press Delete on your keyboard.

4. Defragment your hard drive

If your hard drive is getting full too fast, it can also slow down your pc. When your hard drive is full, Windows has to work harder to find the files it needs.

To fix this, you can use the Disk Defragmenter tool to defragment your hard drive. This will rearrange the files on your hard drive so that they’re easier for Windows to find.

To use Disk Defragmenter:

Click the Start button, then type “defrag” in the search box.

Press Enter on your keyboard.

  • Select the hard drive you want to defragment, then click the Analyze button.
  • Once the analysis is finished, now click the Defragment button.
  • Check it disk defragmenter will now start to defragment your hard drive.
  • Once the defragmentation is finished, you can close Disk Defragmenter.


These are just a few of the things you can do to speed up a slow computer. If your computer is still running slowly after trying these tips, you may need to take it to a computer repair shop.

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