Eugene Quaynor Gofundme: Oral Roberts College men’s soccer chief and Stone City Bucks player Eugene Quaynor kicked the bucket in an auto collision on Wednesday night, as per Abbie de Vera of FOX23 News. He was 23.

“We grieve the deficiency of ORU Men’s Soccer understudy competitor, Eugene Quaynor,” Oral Roberts Sports said in a proclamation on its Facebook page. “Eugene was the encapsulation of the mission we make progress toward in our Athletic Division.

Eugene Quaynor Gofundme: He was a pioneer on the field as a chief of the men’s soccer group and had a soul enabled heart prepared to lead and effect the world for Jesus. His irresistible grin will be remembered fondly all around the ORU grounds, however his soul won’t live on as we will ever neglect.”

Eugene Quaynor Gofundme: As indicated by the police report, Quaynor’s vehicle was halted for a red light when a SUV struck it from behind at a fast. The vehicle allegedly burst into flares upon effect and it is accepted Quaynor passed on in a split second.

Eugene Quaynor Gofundme: The Tulsa Police Division is exploring the accident and said the driver of the SUV is thought to have been affected by liquor at the hour of the accident.

Quaynor, an alumni understudy, had moved from Ghana to Tulsa to play soccer for Oral Roberts.

The safeguard likewise played for the Rock City Bucks, a soccer group in the USL Association Two based out of Michigan.

Eugene Quaynor Gofundme: The Bucks said in a proclamation that “as well as being a genuine fighter on the pitch, [Quaynor] was generally anxious to accomplish local area administration work, free youth facilities and good cause occasions. This fall, he was amidst his fourth season with the Brilliant Hawks and had left upon his Graduate degree.”

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