Route 222 Accident Update:  A lethal accident shut a southward stretch of Highway 222 among Perusing and Lancaster for around six hours on Tuesday.

The accident was accounted for right away before 3 p.m. on the line between East Cocalico and Ephrata municipalities in Lancaster Province.

Route 222 Accident Update:  Police have not yet delivered any data about the accident, however a Lancaster District 911 manager let 69 News know that the coroner was dispatched to the scene.

The southward paths of the parkway were shut at Highways 568/272 in Brecknock Municipality, Berks District. Drivers were coordinated to follow Highway 272 South until they moved beyond the accident scene.

Route 222 Accident Update:  Debby Hertzog was expecting a simple drive in Lancaster Area Tuesday night, yet her 20-minute excursion wound up requiring 60 minutes.

“It was simply jam stuffed,” Hertzog said of the street. “I figured there was likely a mishap.”

I got the notification that there was a mishap and needed to divert myself,” said Alfred Pastry specialist, Maryland.

Route 222 Accident Update:  Bread cook says he was attempting to make conveyances from Maryland when he was rerouted for an additional 15 minutes in light of the accident.

“Essentially attempting to explore myself, particularly with the sun setting and not knowing when the following turn would be,” Pastry specialist said.

Route 222 Accident Update:  Highway 222 South was returned around 9 p.m. Tuesday. Groups have not yet delivered the name of the person who was killed.

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