Debunked Corn Kid is not dead :  A seven-year-old kid named Tariq the “Corn Youngster” acquired worldwide consideration after a video of him talking about his adoration for corn became a web sensation via online entertainment.

Debunked Corn Kid is not dead : The kid was in the news again after bits of gossip circled about his demise in a “posse related shooting.” Be that as it may, the reports are misleading as the Corn Youngster is perfectly healthy.

The tales started after individuals saw an altered post that said, “7-year-old Corn Youngster found furthest behind Sunday in group related shooting.” Soon, individuals began to conjecture about the kid’s passing.

Debunked Corn Kid is not dead : It was accounted for that individuals who saw the picture asserted that it was composed by somebody named Dustin Jones for NPR News’ site. The altered post started flowing on Twitter prior to spreading to other virtual entertainment destinations.

The picture being flowed is an altered news title that appears to give the feeling that Tariq has died. Nonetheless, the first article is totally unique as it discusses the Corn Youngster and the melody that has been moving via online entertainment.

Debunked Corn Kid is not dead : In the wake of circulating around the web via online entertainment, the seven-year-old was named the ‘Corn Youngster’ for his affection and fervor for corn. The kid turned into a web sensation after he was highlighted on the YouTube channel Break Treatment’s reel video. That video got various reactions that included images, melodies, and altered recordings.

Debunked Corn Kid is not dead : In the video on YouTube, the kid says that he cherishes playing various games, including find the stowaway, and afterward added that his outright most loved food is corn.

It has earned over 3.3 million perspectives on YouTube and over 1.9 million on Instagram. A variant of the video shared on TikTok has in excess of 23 million perspectives.

He acquired all the consideration due to how energetically he talked about corn and assisted him with acquiring a ton of web distinction and, surprisingly, a few ads. The Corn Youngster has even showed up in a Chipotle business as well.

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